Let's fund it
Let’s Fund It offers support to Irish charity users through the purchase of goods and/or services for them. 
LFI ensures that the public benefit will lie directly with the service users of the charities supported.

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Rape Crisis Midwest
Rape Crisis Midwest was started by a group of women and men who were concerned about the lack of services for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Since then, we have worked to provide comprehensive information, professional support and a quality counselling service for survivors of sexual abuse and violence throughout the Midwest region.
CCRT Ireland
CCRT is a suicide prevention, intervention and postvention organisation. Our trained volunteers work with people in suicidal distress 354 nights a year to keep them safe from suicide. Our volunteers travel physically to the location of the individual to offer support. We also work with individuals, communities and groups who have been bereaved by suicide, offering evidence-based support in the aftermath of suicide.
Mid West Simon Community
Mid West Simon Community has been established since October 2006. Covering the counties of Clare, Limerick and North Tipperary, their aim is to support people through their journey out of homelessness by providing appropriate accommodation and care services, tailored to their individual needs.


Spent to date on goods & services for various charities across Ireland

How We Have Used Donated Funds In 2021

99.7% donations

0.3% administration 

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A Breakdown Of Your Donation

In 2021, 99.7% of the expenditure of Let’s Fund It went directly to the purchase of goods and services for various charities throughout Ireland.

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If you feel you can contribute to or support Let's Fund It in any way please feel free to get in touch!

If you are a charity who feels that you could avail of the supports Let's Fund It offers please do let us know and we will do our best to support you as best as we can.

Our Strategy


LFI will meet with the registered charity and formally set about the process of fulfilling the needs and/or requests of that charity.


LFI will help the charity in so far as its budget and available funds permit.


Once the needs are outlined and a budget agreed, LFI will allocate the funds and set about fulfilling these needs on the charity’s behalf.