Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention
Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention is a Limerick based charity that patrols the bridges of the Shannon River 4 nights a week offering support to those who are distressed, struggling or may be at risk of suicide.

Let's Fund It member Adam approached Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention on Facebook to offer help through a donation. We were then directed to Fundraising Officer Josephine who requested a meeting with Let’s Fund It to discuss possible donations. Adam and Stephen visited the Limerick Treaty Suicide base in Limerick City and met with several volunteers who informed us of the work they do and the equipment they use. The volunteers explained that throwbags were an essential piece of equipment when conducting river rescues. It was agreed that Let’s Fund It would source and supply a number of throwbags for Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention. 

Joe researched where the products could be sourced from and contacted several providers for quotes. It was decided that would be the best supplier of the throwbags required, these would be supplied from the Netherlands with free shipping. They were ordered and dispatched immediately. 

Let’s Fund It were invited to join Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention on a patrol so it was decided that Let’s Fund It would deliver the throwbags and join in the patrol on Saturday, 16th October 2021. We patrolled the river with the group and learned so much about the fantastic work the charity does.

The total amount of this donation was €401.70

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