Milford Care Centre
Milford Care Centre is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. It was first established by the Little Company of Mary Sisters in 1928 and now provides Specialist Palliative Care and Older Persons Services in the Mid West. Its Board of Directors and Management Team oversees its service delivery and fundraising activities.

Milford Care Centre is charity that Let’s Fund It regularly helps, we approach Milford Care Centre each year to offer our assistance to them. In 2019, Let’s Fund It bought a specialised commode valued at €290 from J.S. Dobbs & Co. Ltd for Milford Care Centre. In 2020 we supplied 7 Braun Thermoscan Thermometers at a cost of at €350 and this year we have made our biggest donation to date to Milford Care Centre!

Let’s Fund It contacted Carol Murray, the Head of Non-Clinical Services in Milford Care Centre to offer a donation this year. Carol made a request for more Braun Thermoscan Thermometers as well as Pulse Oximeters. 

We set about sourcing these specialised pieces of equipment and made an order from as well as Don Flynn from Flynn Surgical in Limerick. Don has been a great supporter of Let’s Fund It and we were delighted to work with him on this project.

On Monday, 8th November, Let’s Fund It delivered its donation comprised of 3 Thermoscan Thermometers, 1 Box of Thermometer Caps and 7 Pulse Oximeters.

This donation was the largest Let’s Fund It has made to Milford Care Centre to date! 

The total donation came to €436.95.

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